This guide will provide you with an overview of the specific requirements and details of the media assets associated with your catalog. Check out the below video for an introduction Catalog Tile and Product images. The Technical Specifications for each are also included in this article. 

Media Assets fall into the following categories with various components:

Primary/Hero Images

Primary images (Hero Images) are a requirement for every product/style. They are displayed site-wide.

If a Primary Image does not exist for a product, a generic ‘Image Not Available’ graphic is substituted until a product image is uploaded.

Alternate Images

Alternate Images display different views of the product/style (i.e. front, back, on model) and are optional

A “View Alternates” link displays on the product detail page when Alternate Images are available.

Product Images - Technical Specifications

Tech Spec
Product/Style NumberThis is the primary identifier for the product/style. This must match the product number in the products table.
ColorThis is the color code. This must match the color number in the products table.
Image TypeThis specifies the type of image:
P = Primary
A - Alternate Images
Image NumberA sequential number
Size1275 x 1515px Minimum
File TypePNG
FTP LocationImages > Inbound
File Naming ConventionProductNumber_Color_ImageType_Number.png

ExampleExample File Name
Primary Image for Style A7YN Color 1D7A7YN_1D7_P_1.png
Alternate Image #3 for Style A7YN Color 1D7A7YN_1D7_A_1.png

Catalog Tile (Cover Image)

The order screen will have catalog “tiles” represented by individual catalog cover assets. These are typically the brand catalog cover, however you are free to use any image you like. Catalog Tile is a requirement.

Tech SpecRequirement
Image TypeThis specifies the type of image: M = Catalog Tile
SizeWidth: 400px / Height: 500px
File TypePNG
FTP LocationImages > Inbound
File Naming Conventionbrandname_M (Note: only lowercase letters will be recognized for the brand name)

Catalog cover assets will be displayed in a space that is 200px x 250px.  They will be centered to expand to fill the space without being cropped.  The entire image will always show.  Images without a width/height ratio of 400:500 will be centered in the display area.  In the absence of a catalog cover asset, the trade show logo will display.

Deliverables Summary

The following Media Assets are REQUIRED:

  • Primary/Hero Product images
  • Catalog Tile

The following Media Assets are OPTIONAL:

  • Alternate Product images