To Print your Custom Catalog:

When your Custom Catalog is ready, it can be printed in PDF format. You can always go back into the Custom Catalog Builder to edit your custom catalog even after you've printed it to PDF format. All PDFs generated in Elastic can be downloaded and shared via the 'Print Jobs' widget. 

1. Click on the menu in the top-right corner of the custom catalog builder, and select 'Print'.

You can also select the Printer icon from "My Custom Catalogs".

2. Select a customer 

3. Select which prices you want to display (Wholesale / Retail / Both / None.) 

4. Click 'Print' when ready

A confirmation will appear that says your 'Print-Job is in the queue':

To access your PDF print job, select the menu and then Print Jobs. You will exit the custom catalog builder and enter the Print Jobs widget. Your custom catalog PDF will be under the Custom Catalogs tab.