Custom Catalogs Widget

A Custom Catalog is a user-created workbook that can be exported to a PDF and shared with anyone. This is a great way to create a collection of 'must haves' specific to a certain season, region, or a key account. Many reps use a custom catalog as a foundation to create orders for all of their accounts. Think of it as your own personal, carefully curated, workbook that is relevant to you and your buyers. 

To create a custom catalog:

1. "Get Started" and "Make a Custom Catalog" 

2. Name the custom catalog you are about to create and select the catalog from which you would like to select your items. Give your custom catalog a name (this will make it easier to find later). A custom catalog is your own workbook of selected styles and colors from a base catalog. Select the base catalog you would like to work in and click 'Create'. This will open up the Custom Catalog Builder and you can start building your assortment.

3. Adding Styles

To add individual styles: Click on a style, or drag and drop it into the Assortment area in the top part of the page. 

Arranging Styles

The Custom Catalog will print in the order that you arrange it. 

To move a style or an asset: Click, drag, and drop it to the desired location.

To move a group of styles or assets: Hold the SHIFT key while clicking to select multiple items. Click, drag, and drop them to the desired location."

Removing Styles

To remove a style click on the name of the style you wish to remove and then select the style or specific color you want to remove. A single item can be removed by clicking on the photo of the style and using the delete key. The counter on the top left will show how many of the product's styles remain.

View all Custom Catalogs that have been created by going to "Get Started" -> Show Me My->  Custom Catalogs

Once your 'Custom Catalog' is complete you can then print and share the catalog.

To Print your Custom Catalog:

When your Custom Catalog is ready, it can be printed in PDF format. You can always go back into the Custom Catalog Builder to edit your custom catalog even after you've printed it to PDF format. All PDFs generated in Elastic can be downloaded and shared via the 'Print Jobs' widget. 

1. Click on the menu in the top-right corner of the custom catalog builder, and select 'Print'.

You can also select the Printer icon from the My Custom Catalogs

2. Select a customer 

3. Select which prices you want to display (Wholesale / Retail / Both / None.) 

4. Click 'Print' when ready.

A confirmation will appear that says your 'Print-Job is in the queue':

To access your PDF print job, select the menu and then Print Jobs. You will exit the custom catalog builder and enter the Print Jobs widget. Your custom catalog PDF will be under the Custom Catalogs tab.


Share a Custom Catalog

To Share a Custom Catalog, open the custom catalog you'd like to share, click the Menu drop-down in the top right corner of the screen and select Share or select the Share icon within "My Custom Catalogs". 

The share user screen will open, select the user you would like to share your catalog with. 

Click continue and you will receive a confirmation that your catalog has been shared. 


The link logo will appear on the "My Custom Catalog" screen next to any catalog that has been shared.

Depending on the users/accounts you selected in the Share with Users screen they will receive a notification email detailing that a custom catalog has been shared and is available on the site.