The Digital Market platform allows users to build and maintain one catalog within the platform. Although your catalog will start by being set up for your specific tradeshow, this is a year-round offering. With that comes the ability to edit your catalog to reflect changes in the season and available products. This article will show you how to make these changes. 

Product Status

It is important to pay attention to the status' associated to products as they act as the gatekeeper, allowing your customers the ability to purchase or not purchase items. Product status' can be updated in the "Status" column of the product csv file that gets uploaded to GoAnywhere. 

-Active: The product is showing within the catalog and is orderable. 

-Dropped: Any products that are no longer orderable will get the dropped status. Within the catalog "Active Products" can be toggled on and off to show all products or just those available for purchase. 

-In-Review: This status is used when the catalog is being built or product permissions are being changed. A buyer will not see an item with this status but the seller will. 

Edit Catalog Contents 

Throughout the year, users have the ability to change their catalogs based on a season or event taking place. Just a few examples would be back to school, tradeshows and closeouts. To update the products within a catalog, enter the new product information according to the specs in the  "Technical Data File Specifications" article. Make sure all new products have an "Active" status. Any products that are no longer available for purchase will need their status changed to "Dropped."

Pricing Updates

Now that your products have been updated the prices will need changing as well. Pricing updates are made in the "Wholesale" and "Retail" columns of the product csv file uploaded to GoAnywhere. 

If a price change is based on SKU, for example and XXL is $2 more than the other sizes, then it will display as a range.

Anytime a change is made to a product file, the edited version must be reuploaded to the "Inbound" folder within the Data folder in your GoAnywhere account. This is the only way that any changes will occur in your catalog.