Managing Users

Account Managers for exhibiting brands can create and manage users via the "User Manager" function. To access , hover over "Get Started" and click "User Manager" in the "Settings" section. 

User Manager Dashboard Functions

From the User Manager dashboard you can:

  • Create a New User
  • Select the 'Disable' button next to the desired user to disable their access
  • Delete existing users*

*Note: If a user has orders in their profile, then they cannot be deleted and should be disabled.

By clicking on the Name of any user, you can update the user's name, username, email address, and change their user manager status.

User Managers have the permissions to create, manage users, and upload/manage brand catalog data files. An account can be identified as a user manager by displaying  'Yes' under the 'Manager' column.

Resetting User Password

By clicking the 'Forgot username or password?' link on the log-in page, you will receive a reset password link via email. 

Check out our FAQ article, 'How do I recover a forgotten username or password?' for more information!