What happens when an order is placed?

When the "Place Order" button is selected on the checkout page of the Digital Market site, the system will send an order acknowledgment email:

  • you (the brand) will receive the email
  • the retail buyer will receive the same email
  • you (the brand) will also be able to retrieve an electronic copy, which you can do by following the instructions below

Where did my orders go?

The order file will make its way to your (the brand's) GoAnywhere account:

  • log into go anywhere
  • click the "order_documents" folder followed by the complete folder
  • you should see any orders that were placed
  • download the order file(s) to finalize them on your end

*IMPORTANT* As the brand, you should do something with these files...You've made a sale! So get these lovelies processed and inform your buyers about shipping