For information on the Exchange service level agreements, feel free to read this summary or consult the link below for more detailed information. 

Elastic SLA - Emerald ( 


EmeraldX will utilize efforts to make sure that Exchange is available 99.5% of each month, excluding "Scheduled Downtime" and "Other Causes"

Scheduled Downtime is defined as regular maintenance, improvements and upgrades to the system or a Force Majeure Event. 

Other Causes are defined as the customer using Exchange outside of the contracted terms, lack of response from a customer in regards to an incident that requires the customer for resolution, the unavailability of minor features that do not adversely affect the end-users experience, the systems unavailability caused by scheduled routine activities like loading new data, or an issue with the customer computer or network equipment that is not within the direct control of EmeraldX.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled downtime will be communicated to customers at least 48 hours in advance. 

For more information on support ticketing priorities please refer to the Support Ticket Priority article.